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Our Fireworks Safety Tips.

Fireworks can provide hours of family entertainment, but should be used by adults carefully and safely. 

To ensure the safety of both the public and those lighting the fireworks, we recommend that you adhere to the following firework safety measures at your events.

1. Never allow children to handle, play with or light fireworks.

Only adults should handle and light the fireworks. Fireworks are great family fun and entertainment, but they burn very hot and are meant to be handled by adults only.

2. Buy your fireworks from an authorized and reliable dealer

Regardless of the state in which you purchase your fireworks. Authorized and reliable dealers will only sell products that meet the standards established and enforced by the Consumer Products Commission in Europe and have been tested for compliance. Do not use illegal explosives; do not modify any pyrotechnic device; and don’t try to make your own fireworks.

3. Always use fireworks on a hard surface

This is especially important when using larger objects that produce thrust when ignited. Grass, gravel and sand surfaces are not suitable for any pyrotechnics, especially those intended for use in an upright position. If you are using fireworks on grass, gravel or sand, Zenda Club recommends laying down a sturdy piece of plywood to use as a hard, flat firing surface.

4. Safety distance

Always keep the public (especially children) a safe distance from the launch or firing site. Ignite fireworks in a clear, open area away from buildings, vehicle overhead obstructions and shrubbery. A minimum clear distance between the launch site and your audience of 10 meters for fountains and other ground objects and 50 meters for all aerial objects is recommended. You should avoid lighting your fireworks in an area where there is dry grass, dry brush or any other flammable object that could ignite. Never shoot fireworks into metal or glass containers. Always use fireworks outdoors.

5. Device

Turn on the fuse only on the tip. Position yourself as far away from the product as possible and extend your arm using the extended lighting device. This lighting method will keep you as far away from the fireworks as possible. Use a flashlight at night to see the fuse. Never use a lantern or other flame-producing device near fireworks for lighting or any other purpose. Light the pyrotechnic product and move away quickly. Respect pyrotechnic products; if used incorrectly, they can be dangerous.